Ringo’s Birthplace Slated To Be Demolished

Ringo’s Liverpool Birthplace Slated To Be Demolished

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 18, 2010

Beatles fans are aghast at the notion that the city of Liverpool has issued a demolition notice to level the home at 9 Madryn Street where Ringo Starr was born. It isn’t the first time the drummer’s birthplace was due to meet the wrecking ball — in 2005 Starr himself intervened to ask the city to preserve the site. Since then local politicians have debated the future of the row house that, according to the city, would require tens of thousands of pounds to renovate. Despite the city council’s assertion that they will continue working with National Museums Liverpool to preserve the property as a historic site, a demolition notice has been posted on the street. Is this yet another slap in the face for drummers, since the National Trust has run John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood Liverpool homes as tourist attractions. Harumph!

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