Sticking Patterns

Sticking Patterns For All Drummers

Author: Joel Rothman
Publisher: J.R. Publications c/o Charles Dumont & Sons $16.95

Sticking Patterns by Joel Rothman

With the holidays approaching, we thought we'd tip you off to some new, recent, and evergreen method books and DVDs to kick your chops up a notch in the new year. Look for updates throughout November and December. First up, Joel Rothman's Sticking Patterns.

If you're looking for a book of patterns that will make sense and enable you to quickly improve technique then check out Sticking Patterns for All Drummers by acclaimed author Joel Rothman. There is nothing revolutionary here except that it is all presented in a logical fashion that will help you product intricate rhythmic patters for rock breaks and solos.

All the exercises are designed to help develop your ability to play patterns on the snare and bass. It begins with 16 basic sticking patterns for four eighth notes and then combines those into more than twenty 16-note practice patterns. These are followed by progressive exercises with flams, paradiddles, longer rolls and more all designed to be easily applied to drum kit. If your left-hand is weaker than your right (and whose isn't) then you'll appreciate the exercises for left-hand control as well.

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