Rock With Hand-Foot Drum Breaks

Rock With Hand-Foot Drum Breaks

Author: Joel Rothman
Publisher: J.R. Publications c/o Charles Dumont & Sons $16.95

Rock Hand-Foot Breaks by Joel Rothman

Don't be fooled by the title. If you play jazz or other styles you'll still get a lot from the drum breaks presented in this book by drumming author Joel Rothman (with 74 books to his credit at last count). The book presents a series of in-depth exercises for using snare and bass drum combinations to create exciting breaks and fills.

Most of the exercises are designed to be played between the snare drum and bass drum but really should be applied to toms as well. Whenever you've mastered an exercise in a book such as this it's great to start applying the patterns to other parts of the kit.

The book kicks off with snare and bass patterns that are warm-ups for the exercises to follow. Then it moves on to combining those into hand and foot breaks with two-beat patterns, then four-beat patterns and so forth. As the exercises progress you get into combining combinations of groupings and different divisions of time in your breaks. You'll be busy for months.

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