Glenn Kotche In Video For New ActiveWave Stick

Glenn Kotche Video Endorses Unique ProMark Stick

ProMark ActiveWave 570

What Glen Kotche calls his dream stick is actually an innovation he's been working on with ProMark for the past couple of years. And, it's featured in a new video from the company.

The ProMark Active Wave 570 is a hickory stick that features two innovations: the Wave Handle and ActiveGrip. The latter is a heat-activated coating that gets tackiers when a player's hands heat up and start to sweat. According to Kotche, he's a drummer who sweats a lot as he plays, and he was holding his stick too tight as a result. With the ActiveGrip he can be more relaxed and hold the stick with less tension.

The WaveHandle is a contoured handle that provides a comfortable place for all fingers and also improves the grip. The combination of the two features is great for drummers who need the help. The rest of the 570 is tailored to Kotche's needs. It's a long stick at 16 ¾" and has an acorn tip which he likes for cymbal articulation. And, it's a durable design. He says in two years of testing he's yet to break a stick. Cue the video.

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