Sabian And Crescent Hammer New Deal

Crescent and Sabian Hammer Unique Deal

Sabian Will Make New Hand-Hammered Crescents At Canadian Foundry

Andy Zildjian and Michael Vosbein

In a unique deal that the company says will help them meet the demand for new cymbals, Cymbal Masters LLC (the parent company of Crescent Cymbals), announced they will begin offering select Crescent models in North America, handmade by Sabian at its Canadian foundry. Crescent’s Istanbul production managers Kadri Kayan and Guclu Arslan will continue to produce the company's present models in Turkey using ancient handmade traditions

Sabian CEO, Andy Zildjian says, “I am very happy to be working with Cymbal Masters. I am impressed with their passion for and knowledge of cymbals. This is an opportunity to expand our tradition of hand-hammering cymbals, originally brought to Sabian by Kerope Zilcan."

Crescent CEO, Michael Vosbein adds, “This new relationship offers Crescent the chance to expand our sound palette with production on two continents, taking advantage of the best craftsmanship in both the old and new worlds.”

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