Sabian Launches All-New Website

Sabian Launches All-New Website

Sabian Cymbals

The folks at Sabian didn’t think it was good enough to simply re-skin the cymbal company’s old website. Instead they rebuilt the new from the ground up, and incorporated many of the most recent advances in web technology, like mobile optimization and smooth integration with its social stream.

You can expect to see a redesigned Products section where viewers can search for cymbals by type, as well as by series, with a new filtering system allows players to quickly hone in on the right cymbal for their needs. It’s the only website from a major cymbal manufacturer that offers this functionality.

The new website features a robust new shopping system, including a Shopatron option designed to create more sales for the brand’s dealer network. Also new — a completely refreshed Artists section with more images and video, and a Sabian Experience area where viewers can watch video of high-profile artist visits to the factory.

Long-time surfers needn’t fret – the company didn’t touch the Forum and the Set-up Builder, which have long been two of the most popular features on the site.

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