Update: Amilcar Christófaro Fills In For Sepultura Drummer

Sepultura Drummer Sidelined With Tendonitis

Jean Dolabella

Thrash metal mainstays Sepultura had to cancel a concert last night in Lendorf, Austria because drummer Jean Dolabella is suffering from the onset of tendonitis. In the meantime, the show has been rescheduled for August 1, and the band announced that drummer Amilcar Christófaro of Torture Squad – which has been opening for Sepultura’s current tour – will fill in for Dolabella at tonight’s show at Event Stage in Zizers, Switzerland. There is no word about the band’s future plans or prognosis of Dolabella’s ongoing condition.

UPDATE: Footage of drummer Amilcar Christófaro performing the song "Roots Bloody Roots" with Sepultura lies below. Guitarist Andreas Kisser had only good things to say about the Toture Squad backbeat: "Amilcar Christófaro is a great drummer and huge Sepultura fan, he knows a lot from our early stuff, and when we talked to him he was ready to help us. We already did four shows with him and it's going really great; he's amazing playing our stuff."

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