Session Great Russ Miller Begins Weekly Podcast

Session Great Russ Miller Begins Weekly Podcast

Russ Miller

After playing on multiple Grammy Award-winning recordings and conducting drum clinics around the world, it’s hard to see how L.A. session drummer Russ Miller would have time for anything that doesn’t involve sticks and pedals.

Nonetheless, the tireless Miller has recently ventured into podcasting with his series In The Driver’s Seat, which features interviews with world-renown musicians, producers, film composers, writers, artist relations reps, managers, and technicians.

That’s right – the interviews aren’t all about drumming; they’re about the business of drumming, which is an unexpected turn coming from such a consummate technician.

The podcast at features a new episode every Tuesday. The lineup thus far has included conversations with producer Chaka Blackmon, saxophonist George Shelby, and film composer Jeff Danna, while upcoming episodes will feature artist relations manager Joe Testa, drummer and musical director Jamey Tate, and multi-percussionist Brian Kilgore. To check out an episode of In The Driver’s Seat, go here.

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