Shine Custom Drums & Percussion Closes It Doors

Shine Custom Drums & Percussion Closes It Doors

(Left) Shine introduced its mid-priced Select Custom Series last year

It is with a heavy heart that we report the closure of Shine Drums, an American custom drum maker based in Sacramento, California. A victim of the ongoing recession, company founder Sean Staples decided he could no longer invest any more revenue into his struggling young company following a particularly bad 2010 holiday sales season.

Shine seemed to grow in leaps and bounds in recent years, moving beyond the elaborate custom-made kits that initially put the company on the map to a new lower-priced production line. Shine also introduced its own free-floating tom mounting system, and had even begun to carry its own branded series of pedals and hardware. We were impressed by their ambitiousness – they wanted to be Pearl rather than Pork Pie – although in retrospect, it’s possible that the company tried to grow beyond its means.

Creditors are advised to contact Shine’s attorney Mark Schmorgon at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (or at 916-446-4400).

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