Shure Microphones Go To 85

A major reason why drummers have been able to hear themselves for the past several decades through the din of loud amplified guitars is that Shure drum microphones leveled the db playing field. Heck, the venerable SM57 microphone (pictured to the left) alone qualifies the Chicago-based company an honored spot in the drummers’ hall of fame. And now that 2010 marks Shure’s 85th anniversary all we can think to say is — God bless ’em.

“We’re honored that our customers and channel partners have helped us to achieve 85 years of success in the professional audio industry,” says Sandy LaMantia, president and CEO of Shure Incorporated. “The company’s history of success is a tribute to our founder, S.N. Shure. His dedication to quality and service is evident in every Shure product and every Shure Associate.”

Corporate yadda, yadda, yadda … except for one thing — it’s true.