Sign Up For 28th Annual Duff Timpani Masterclass

Timpani buffs won’t want to miss the 28th annual Duff Masterclass, which will be held from June 7–11 at UMKC Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, Misourri, and is sponsored by Pearl and Adams Musical Instruments. Since 1982 the Duff Timpani Masterclass has attracted timpanists from around the world to learn about the Cloyd Duff School of playing: a unique approach to the timpani encompassing every aspect of the instrument, from the fundamentals of technique to the most advanced orchestral repertoire. Under the directorship of Cloyd Duff’s longtime assistant Pearl/Adams Concert Artist Jim Atwood, the Duff Timpani Masterclass has been expanded to include sessions on instrument maintenance, stick making, calf head tucking, changing and clearing heads, and a mock audition program. The family of Cloyd Duff has established a student scholarship fund in Mr. Duff’s memory. For more information, please go here.