Sir Douglas Quintet Drummer Dies

Sir Douglas Quintet Drummer Dies

Johnny Perez

Sir Douglas Quintet drummer Johnny Perez died from cirrhosis of the liver last week. He was 69 years old.

Perez was an accomplished songwriter and musician whose greatest claim to fame was making the charts with the Quintet hits, "She's About A Mover," "The Rains Came," and "Mendocino." The young combo rode the airwaves at the height of the British Invasion and garage rock explosion.

“J.P. was the spirit of the band,” said Shawn Sahm, recounting stories his father told him. “He used to protect the guys from people that picked on them for having long hair. He was saving their (butts) all the time. I loved J.P. He was a big part of that whole Sir Douglas Quintet trip.”

“He was just a volcano of rhymes," songwriting partner Joe “King” Carrasco said. "The biggest songs of my career are all done with Johnny. It's funny. He'd say, ’I was the magic of that groove. ’Mendocino,' that was me.' He's right. He had a special style,” Carrasco said. “It's still sinking in. Johnny never gave up looking for that magic.”

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