SJC Drums Debuts Reality TV Show

SJC Drums Debuts Reality Show On Halogen

Scott and Mike Ciprari

Brothers Scott and Mike Ciprari have turned their hobby and passion for music into one of the most successful boutique drum companies in the world, SJC Drums. Twelve years ago, these twenty-something visionaries founded the business out of their grandmother’s basement in Dudley, Massachusetts. Today, SJC has created more than 1,700 one-of-a-kind customized drum kits for some of the most recognizable names in music, including Panic at the Disco, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Queen Latifah, Machine Gun Kelly, Keyshia Cole, and Gym Class Heroes.

And, now, they have a reality TV show to boot. Last night Halogen TV debuted Drum Heads a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a small drum building company. The show's genesis goes back seven years, when Mike conceived the show. Think Orange County Choppers but with drums and you get the idea. "I think this show will surprise a lot of people because it's not fabricated," says Mike. "It really shows drum building and that running a business like this is much more about hard work than people thing. We're not showcasing the problems we have as a business but really exposing the process of what goes into building custom kits. And, how all the people involved are trying to do it without being a big corporate business."

For a business that started in Grandma's basement, then moved to a garage, SJC has come a long way in a relatively short time. They now have backline gear stowed all over the planet for their roster of endorsers, from Berlin to Tokyo.

The first five shows are in the can, according to Mike. If they take off, they can shoot up to twelve more for next year. Halogen is not available on all cable and satellite systems but is offered in many parts of the country. It appears on Wednesday nights. Check here to find it in your neck of the woods.

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