SJC Joins The Pilgrimmage To NAMM

SJC Drums Joins Exodus To NAMM

By Radim McCue Published January 10, 2011

Head west, oh mighty drum builders. Head west.

SJC took a southern route, dodging snow and visiting bands along the way.

As musical equipment companies around the world get ready to converge on Anaheim, California for the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) Trade Show, the gang from SJC Drums leaves Dudley, Massachusetts just in time to escape a brutal snowstorm. Here's how Mike Ciprari described their journey over the weekend.

"We had to leave a day early because of a snow storm in New England, and we've been in the van since Friday morning at 6am. We stopped in Nashville, TN to say hey to Frankie Muniz and his band You Hang Up who are at Off The Wall Studio recording their first full length, and then carried on. We're currently in New Mexico driving to Las Vegas to spend the night, then off to Los Angeles. We'll be at the Lopez Tonight show on Tuesday in the crowd and hanging out with house drummer Robin DiMaggio, then off to Anaheim to load in to NAMM on Wednesday. We're excited for the show and can't wait to get there. We've got our videographer with us documenting the whole trip and we'll be releasing a video update of the trip as well when we return."

Look for DRUM!'s upcoming show vids and reports on hundreds of new products at the winter NAMM Show, January 13-16.

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