New Endorsers for SJC Drums

New Endorsers for SJC Drums

By Radim McCue Published August 15, 2009

SJC Custom Drums, a boutique custom drum maker from Massachusetts, has announced a lineup of new drummers that will be playing their custom drums. One of the biggest names is Stacy Jones, the kick-ass drummer and bandleader of Miley Cyrus (formerly of Letters to Cleo and American Hi-Fi), who will be using two SJC kits on the upcoming Miley Cyrus world tour. (Stacy Jones talked about his career rise in this in this 2008 video from Vic Firth).

Mike Ciprari of SJC has also announced that Zac Hanson of Hanson will be joining the SJC endorser roster. He'll be playing a new SJC kit uring the band's upcoming September tour.

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