Snare Drum Lamp: Just What The World Needs

By Andy Doerschuk Published July 30, 2010

326 Sound Activated Drum Light from ThreeTwoSix on Vimeo.

And you thought your snare drum was unique. Some ingenious New Zealander recently dreamed up this oddball snare drum lamp, which turns itself on whenever you tap the batter head. Think wall sconce rather than spotlight, since the diffused light shows through what appears to be a coated head (maybe next time they’ll try a Pinstripe). Activated by both touch and sound, the drum lamp ignores extraneous sounds in the room like clapping or knocking — which is demonstrated several times in the video above (we get it already!). But you’d better want a lamp shaped like a snare drum really badly since the thing sells for $850 (not including the cost of shipping from halfway around the world). Still, if you’re in the market for a rather expensive novelty, you can order yours by going here.