Soilwork Drummer Introduces ‘Dirk Blasts’

Soilwork Drummer Introduces 'Dirk Blasts'

dirk verbeuren

Dirk Blasts, the new series of online instructional videos from Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren, offers drum students "all the best tools and tricks to build your drumming skills and further your career as a musician."

“Throughout my tours and drum clinics, I frequently get asked about playing faster, building stamina, creating dynamic grooves and making a living as a musician,” Verbeuren says. “So I decided to put together these ’Dirk Blasts’ for all my fellow drum maniacs out there. If you’re looking to improve your technique and independence, pick up some cool chops along the way, and gain useful insight about being a professional drummer, these two monthly lessons are for you. It’s such an exciting adventure and I’m really pumped to kick it off this July!”

The Premium Lessons bundle gives students unlimited access to Dirk’s instructional & informational lessons, where two new exclusive videos will be available for download each month. All lessons are filmed using three different cameras, features a clear audio mix, and includes a detailed PDF sheet for students to use during their practice sessions. Subscribers will also have the opportunity to ask Dirk questions and suggest future lesson topics.

Students who pre-order the Premium Lessons bundle now will receive a limited time 25% discount at this location:

New accounts are activated immediately and grant unlimited access to the Premium Lessons for one year (twelve months - for a total of 24 videos). The first year of lessons begins in July 2014.

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