Sorum Replaces Mikkey Dee On Tour

Matt Sorum Joins Motörhead For Tour

By Radim McCue Published August 31, 2009

Matt Sorum, the drummer for Velvet Revolver, is going to be taking over drum chores for Mikkey Dee with Motörhead. The band is ready for a 29-city tour, but Dee will miss most of it so he can appear in a Swedish knockoff of TV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Motörhead's legendary frontman Lemmy Kilmister spoke to about the band's upcoming North American tour, a year after the release of Motörizer. Lemmy was free with his opinions about the show, and reality TV in general, saying “It’s garbage, beyond all reason. But who am I? What do I know? I’m sure there’s a plan behind it. If we can make them watch people sleep, they’ll be easier to govern.”

Lemmy added that Sorum will have no problems with the tour, even though he's yet to rehearse with the band. "He's a pro," Lemmy added.

You can read Lemmy's complete interview here.