Spence Strand Gives Drummers Some

Spencer Strand Wants To Give The Drummers Some With His Latest Play Along Release: The Test Of Time Volume 10


Nashville, -- There’s no doubt that Spencer Strand knows the groove. A well-respected drummer, publisher of instructional materials and product specialist, Strand really has an understanding of how to teach and live deep pocket playing. So, it’s no surprise that his current release, The Test Of Time Volume 10 of Turn It Up & Lay It Down, demonstrates his further commitment to providing drummers with a great learning experience, which is fun and challenging.

Volume 10 features 74 compelling play-along tracks, created to give the drummer, not only the ability to improve their groove, but also to perfect their control as well. By doing their homework with Volume 10, the drummer has the ability to go beyond the basic beat and experiment with soloing and filling. Strand describes this as “spatial drumming.” This approach is best defined as when the drummer has such a strong command of the music that they can stretch their creative ideas in new, fresh ways. It has also been referred to as the” internal clock”. Playing along with these tracks allows drums to fine tune that clock and builds confidence in ones time keeping ability.

"In this series, I have really tried to give drummers a way to experience playing with great bass players and great bands to give them the most realistic situations to build chops,” Strand noted. “I had no idea how much it would take off. Turn it Up has been embraced, and endorsed by all the major drum schools and instructors. These guys have developed unique ways of using these tracks with their students that I never dreamed of. "

Volume 10 “The Test of Time” has, in fact, been strongly received by the industry. Yoron Israel, assistant chair, of the Berklee College of Music explained that “This (Volume 10) is one of my favorite play alongs for building your beat ever. I love to use these tracks with my students and and the Berklee faculty. When it comes to drumming, there is always something new to learn that’s why we all use it here.”

The Test of Time, Volume 10 and other Volumes in the Series are available for download at http://www.drumfun.com and PearlDrums.com

Turn it Up & Lay it Down CDs are available in fine drum shops and drum departments worldwide and is distributed by Hal Leonard publishing

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