Stanton’s Cymbals Get Digitized

Stanton’s Cymbals Get Digitized

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 30, 2009

While we don’t suggest that you stop practicing, you can now sound like Stanton Moore without picking up a stick — well, at least you can duplicate the timbres of his Signature cymbals now that Bosphorus has released the Stanton Moore Signature Series digitally in BFD2 format.

These cymbals weren’t just yanked out of inventory, mind you. Bosphorus took Moore’s personal set right off of his kit so that drummer/producer John Emrich could record the exact sounds Moore relies on in high definition audio. Expect a full complement of Moore’s Fat Hats, Smash Crashes, Trash Crashes, Wide Rides, and Pang Thangs (on a side note, it’s probably a good thing Bosphorus doesn’t offer gongs, since the alliteration could prove tricky).

The entire set of cymbal sounds is yours for just $75. Visit to order it.

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