Students Launch LED Drum Lighting Biz

College Students Launch Drum Lighting Biz

LED drum lights

While most college students stay up late partying or studying in the library, two drummers from Minneapolis are pulling some late nights for a different reason. Joey Nesbitt and Jeff Sevaldson recently launched iW Drums, which specializes in DIY LED drum lighting kits. Joey and Jeff, like many drummers, wanted to customize their drum sets, but could not find any affordable products on the market. These two college roommates, majoring in business and engineering, decided to take matters into their own hands and begin making LED lighting kits themselves.

After receiving positive feedback from fellow drummers and musicians, Joey and Jeff decided to try and make this new product available to others. After perfecting their product, called DrumLite, they chose to raise the capital needed to manufacture these kits on a larger scale.

Do they work? According to Todd Thanhauser, drummer for the band Escape, “the LEDs are great! I have used them on two different shows so far and I have had a lot of positive feedback on them. As far as the kits go, installation is straightforward, simple, and it works!”You can check out the product and order your own kit here:

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