Sum 41 Drummer Steve Jocz In Car Crash

Sum 41 Drummer In Car Crash

An act of God or an act of lunacy? You be the judge. All we know is that Sum 41 had to cancel a number of European shows, including the prestigious Download Festival in the UK, after drummer Steve Jocz was involved in a minor car accident on the evening of May 25. Red-faced, the band released the following statement: “Stevo was in a minor accident … and is unable to get on an airplane to fly to Europe to perform. Anyone who knows our band, knows that touring is our life and is the primary reason we play music. We are completely and utterly bummed out and we all wish Stevo a speedy recovery. We want to sincerely apologize to our fans in the cities we can’t make it to and we promise to return to them in a few months. We will reschedule any dates that we unfortunately had to cancel in Europe ASAP.
” Luckily, this mishap won’t prevent the Ontario punk rockers from appearing throughout the summer on the upcoming Warped tour, where we expect them to smash and bash through material from their upcoming release, Underclass Hero. Hooray.

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