Swedish Drummer Says ‘Up Yours’ To Slayer Guitarist

Swedish Drummer Says 'Up Yours' To Slayer Guitarist

It was nearly a decade ago that Slayer guitarist Kerry King so nonchalantly insulted drummer Adrian Erlandsson. A great metal master, known best for his untamed badassery, King had shamelessly insulted Erlandsson in an interview with Swedish magazine Close-Up in 2002. He was asked whether or not Slayer’s search for a new drummer at the time would span Sweden, the metal capital of the world. He replied, “I haven’t seen a lot, but the only thing I’ve seen is a lot of soft hitters. Like the guy in Cradle of Filth. He hits everything, but he hits like a f—. This is Slayer; people expect more.”

Erlandsson was unfortunately “the guy in Cradle of Filth.” And so, a reply in regards to King’s statement has surfaced recently, in photo form. The drummer posted a picture of his bent bass drum beater on his Lockerz account bearing the caption “Up yours, Mr. King. Soft hitters don’t bend bass drum beaters.”

Sure, Slayer is a lot to live up to, but we definitely thought King’s comments were uncalled for. Erlandsson’s hefty backlash has us wondering how the two will duel it out.