Taylor Hawkins Drums For Charity

Taylor Hawkins Performs For Autism Research

taylor hawkins

Photograph: 606kiwis

Foo Fighters backbeat Taylor Hawkins is drumming in the name of Autism research. On Saturday, the rock star performed with his cover band, Chevy Metal to raise funds for Generation Rescue, a nonprofit organization that advocates the view that autism and related disorders are primarily caused by environmental factors, particularly vaccines.

"My sister-in-law and my brother have a child that has autism," Hawkins said. "They just moved down here (to L.A.) from the San Francisco area. I said to (my sister-in-law) a few months ago, 'You were really involved up there in the whole autism community. Now that you're down here, if you want to get to know some of these folks, I'll offer up Chevy Metal for anything. Let's put together a benefit and do something.' ...It's such a little thing I can do, getting up on stage and playing. I would do it for free, for no cause, and I have, many a time. But if I can just get a few people to come spend a few bucks, of course I'll do it."

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