Tempus Drums Stops Taking New Orders

Tempus Drums Stops Taking Orders This Month

We were sorry to hear that after 27 years of building fiberglass-shell drums, the folks at Tempus Drums (well, actually, our old buddy Paul Mason, at left) have decided to hang up the drills and move into something unrelated to hitting heads with sticks.

Despite the fact that business has been doing well, Mason tells us, “I have exhausted my resources, my options, my ideas, and myself. As it now stands there is absolutely nothing else I can think to bring to my company that will make any appreciable difference to its prospects under my guidance.”

So Paul is reaching out to interested parties who might be interested in owning the Tempus name and inventory. And if you’ve been riding the fence about buying one of the company’s fine fiberglass drum kits, Mason will continue to take orders through the end of the month – specifically on March 31 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Best not to wait until 6:01.

Mason closes: “To the literally thousands of you who have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging, particularly to those of you who've taken the plunge and bought my drums and who have, as a result, learned what many – well, let's be honest, what most – still do not, I thank you all for absolutely everything; you have my eternal admiration and gratitude.”

As for the DRUM! crew, we will certainly miss one of the nicest people to ever edge a shell. Best of luck, Paul!

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