The Big Beat Is Just A Week Away

Woodstick Just A Week Away

By Ivar Slovak Published October 26, 2009

Ever since British drummers set the record for the most drummers playing simultaneously, there has been pain in the world. Specifically, in America. We invented the modern drum set, and we want the record back. And, we've got our chance to grab it on November 1, during the Big Beat event (which also goes by Woodstick).

Donn Bennnett of Bennett Drums is inviting drummers nationwide to participate in The Big Beat 2009, and help break the world record for the most drummers playing at one time. This extraordinary drumming event takes place in 11 cities across North America on Sunday, November 1st 2009. This second annual Big Beat is based on similar events that have occurred in Seattle, Tulsa and Houston over the last 7 years.

More than $18,000 in prizes will be given away at each event during this year's Big Bang, inlcuding a Neil Peart Autographed RUSH bass drum head. All proceeds from the events go to charities. A list of the participating cities, some key information and links to video of previous event is included below. Don’t miss this chance to participate in this amazing drumming event. If you’d like further information contact the participating Five Star Drum Shop in the city nearest you.

Participating Big Beat Cities, Sunday, November 1st, 2009

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