Brits Break A World Record

582 British Drummers Break World Record

By Andy Doerschuk Published July 29, 2009

Was I supposed to call Guinness? I thought you were going to call Guinness! I sure hope that somebody called Guinness, because 582 British drummers gathered at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on July 13 to set a new world record for the largest number of drum sets played at once. (The previous record of 533 was set at the 2006 Woodstick event in Seattle, Washington.) Peaking at an ear-shattering db level of 130, the event raised £20,000 for Stick It To MS, a charity formed to help battle multiple sclerosis (although the promoters expect that figure to significantly increase).

By the way, for those keeping score, the Guinness World Records insists that, in order to quality, each participant must play a full drum kit consisting of a minimum of one bass drum, one snare drum, one tom, hi-hat cymbals, and a ride or crash cymbal. Our sincere apologies to bongo players.

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