The Charlatans Drummer Undergoes Second Brain Surgery

The Charlatans Drummer Undergoes Second Brain Surgery

Jon Brookes, drummer for The Charlatans UK, has undergone his second round of brain surgery after suffering a relapse two years after having his first tumor removed.

Brookes first showed signs of a brain tumor in 2010, while performing with the band in Philadelphia. He chose to return to the UK in order to be close to his family during the operation.

Afterward he told the Birmingham Mail, “My hearing went and I felt nausea and dizziness. It was very intense, very surreal. The band were playing one tune and I started to play the ending to a different song, so the rest of them realized something was wrong.”

His most recent procedure took place on September 15—16, allowing Brookes to return home for his 44th birthday last Friday. The Verve drummer Pete Salibury will fill-in with The Charlatans while Brookes recovers.

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