The World’s Largest Cowbell Ensemble

The World's Largest Cowbell Ensemble

“More cowbell!”

On April 14th, get ready to be serenaded by the sound of a thousand clanging cowbells. Why? Because the folks at Ben & Jerry’s are joining Phish drummer John Fishman to organize “the world’s largest cowbell ensemble” on Church Street in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

A 15-year partnership between the two has obviously proven to be a success, what with Phish Food and all — a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that's slathered with marshmallow goo and fudge fish. The cowbell ensemble is a fund-raiser to mark the anniversary of said flavor.

Money raised from the event will benefit the WaterWheel Foundation’s Vermont Flood Recovery Fund, which looks to help Vermont communities in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.

“Free scoops of Phish Food will be served from the Ben & Jerry’s scoop truck for the duration of the event,” Ben & Jerry’s said. “Those looking to attend need to register beforehand. Registration includes a T-shirt and cowbell ($25 for adults, $12 for kids).”

Anyone who can afford to shell out $50 can upgrade to a premium cowbell and gain entree to the event’s after-party. And who can say, “no” to a party full of premium cowbells and ice cream?!

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