Three Drummers Cancel Australian Tours At Once

(Left) Travis Barker

What do drummers have against Australia? Within the span of 24 hours three drumming stars – Travis Barker, Charlie Benante, and Kevin Talley – all bailed out on upcoming Australian tour dates.

Each offered reasons for scotching the trip, some good, some vague. Apparently, Barker’s fear of flying has only worsened since his 2008 horrific plane crash, and he will be replaced in Blink-182 by Bad Religion drummer Brookes Wackerman (good choice!). Talley injured himself while tooling around on his dirt bike, causing Six Feet Under to call off the trip. But Benante was much less specific, citing “personal issues.” Anthrax has since announced that former Slayer and Testament drummer Jon Dette will sub for Benante down under.