Tim Yeung Launches New Website

Tim Yeung’s virtual presence has just gotten a facelift now that the extreme death metal drummer launched his full redesigned web site at timyeung.com. Now you can stop by to check out Yeung’s tour itinerary, read his bio, ogle his gear setup, learn about his latest news, as well as check out his discography, videos, and streaming music.

“I am very exited about this new site, as well as some new exiting projects that I currently have in the works. Don't worry, they will be announced soon,” Yeung nnounced in a statement. "As for the online store, it will be up in a month or two, so please keep checking in. You will also soon be able to purchase cool stuff such as autographed posters, drum sticks, drumheads, t- shirts, etc.”

Yeung also added that he is currently accepting students in the Los Angeles area, and is putting out feelers for session work between tours. Interested parties can contact him directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).