Tommy Lee Refuses To Dance With The Stars

Tommy Lee Refuses To Dance With The Stars

Sadly, we won't be seeing Tommy Lee on ABC's Dancing With The Stars this upcoming season. For some reason, it just isn't his style...

“Ok! Ready for the funniest sh*t ever!!!,” tweeted Lee. “Dancing With The Stars just offered me a spot on the show!! I’ve never hit the PASS button so quick.”

But, the Motley Crue drummer will be back on TV soon enough. Enter “Culture Shock with Tommy Lee,” an investigative travel show for the SyFy network. The unscripted series stars Lee as he attempts to uncover various rituals, symbols, and other mysteries of secret societies. Tommy will immerse himself in the history of each society, meet with former members and participate in their ceremonies.

Sounds legit. Especially alongside Syfy’s award-winning made-for-TV films like Sharktopus and Dinocroc Vs. Supergator.

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