Tommy Lee Lets Roller Coaster Kit Go

Tommy Lee kissed his infamous roller coaster drum kit goodbye after a show with Motley Crue on Saturday. It was the last performance of the boys' tour and so, in true rock star fashion, they smashed a bottle of champagne over it. The kit was an updated version of the percussive light show Lee used in tours during the 80s. Some referred to it as "the Loop," because it would spin above the audience while Lee bashed out solos.

Although many were sad to see the epic set's passing, Lee assured fans that they've got something to look forward to with a tweet that said, "Don't you all worry! Just wait 'til ya see what crazy I got for ya next!"

Motley Crue will be back in business at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas this fall, with a promise of fresh production techniques and a "set-list full of hits."