Tons Of Travis Barker News

Travis Barker Tutors Rihanna,
Forms New Drum/DJ Outfit

By Andy Doerschuk, photo by Robert Downs Published March 30, 2010

According to the RTT News website, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recently gave pop starlet Rihanna a few drumming tips, following the singer’s appearance behind a drum set in the video for her current single, “Rude Boy.” The experience evidently sparked a genuine interest in learning more about the percussive arts (wonder what kind grip she uses?). After the crash course, Barker posted a photo on Twitter of the two mega stars cavorting in an L.A. studio with the message, “Teaching Rihanna some things on drums. She JAMS!!!!! Watch out for her!!”

In other Barker news, the tireless drummer has begun working with DJ A-Trak in a DJ/drummer duo not unlike TRAVI$DJAM, the outfit with DJ AM, who passed away in a tragic plane crash in 2008 after the pair had performed at the Five Points Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.

“[It was like] the earlier times when we had gotten together. It was jamming,” Barker told MTV. “It was just ... seeing, like, what song he would throw at me and what I would do. Just seeing what the chemistry was like. And now it was like, you know, piecing it together. And we found that we used a bunch of my remixes and his remixes, [plus] some of his original songs, so it’s really cool.”

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