Top Drummers Hang With Drum Author In Nashville

Top Drummers Hang With Sticks ’n Skins Author In Nashville

The gorgeous photography book about drumming, Sticks ’n Skins, has enjoyed a long shelf life. The book’s author, Jules Follett, has worked overtime to spread the gospel, appearing at vintage drum shows and even Fox News. Just last week, on May 5, she did a book signing at the Nashville landmark, Fork’s Drum Closet, and invited some top drummers from around the area to hang out, including (from left in photo): Buddy Harman Jr., Rich Redmond, Mike Marsh, Gary Forkum, (Follett), Pino Squillace, Harry McCarthy, Billy Mason, and Dave McAfee. Along with Folleett’s masterful photography, the book also features the work of our dear friend and longtime DRUM! Magazine contributor, the late Lissa Wales. It’s really worth checking out a copy for yourself.

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