Torry Castellano Quits The Donnas

By Andy DoerschukPublished on July 12, 2010

After struggling with a painful shoulder injury for the past two years, Torry Castellano has quit The Donnas on the advice of her physician. Castellano’s first brush with a repetitive-motion disorder came in 2003, when she successfully treated the onset of tendonitis with surgery. But surgery isn’t an option this time around, and despite undergoing numerous types of therapy, trigger point shots, exercises, and rest, drumming has prevented her from healing. So not only has she quit The Donnas — she has retired from drumming altogether.

“If I continue [playing drums] I would be in pain the rest of my life,” she said in a statement. “My retirement has brought me a lot of sadness because I love playing the drums and being a part of the Donnas' family.” Castellano will attend Stanford University in the Fall. In the meantime all eyes are on DRUM! Magazine’s former New Blood contender, Demonics drummer Amy Cesari, who has filled in for Castellano since last year.