Tourniquet Drummer Releases Solo Album

Tourniquet Drummer Releases First Solo Album

Ted Kirkpatrick, longtime drummer with the Christian prog metal band Tourniquet, has released his first solo album, Ode To A Roadkill, which reflects his empathy for the animal kingdom. “The title track refers to the sad reality of the millions of animals who die each year on our roadways,” Kirkpatrick laments. Fittingly, vocals are provided by field recordings of the handful of animals after which the titles are named, including monkeys, owls, lions, and … well, you get the idea. Kirpatrick layered these rather spooky guttural sounds over a thick, plodding background he describes as “stoner” rock, courtesy of overdriven vintage Sunn and Orange amps. Check out some of the tracks for yourself by going here. Sorry, no oinks.

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