Travis Barker Collaborates With The Cool Kids

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 21, 2010

Where does Travis Barker get his boundless energy? Perhaps we don’t actually need to know. But it seems as soon as you turn around the talented stick wielder is enmeshed in yet another new project. His latest is a collaboration with Chicago’s rap duo The Cool Kids on a new downloadable track called “Jump Down.” But this is not your average MP3 giveaway. The release includes a special embeddable widget that allows fans to enter their email address, download the track, and get a pair of 3D glasses mailed to their house, if they share the widget with friends. (Go here to get it.) The 3D glasses will come in handy for the video premiere of the “Jump Down,” slated for October 11. Glasses will also be included with every order from the equally as fresh Done strictly for the fans, the entire “Jump Down” project is completely free. Itching to see the video before it hits the web? Catch it at the “Jump Down” video launch party, Thursday, Oct. 7 at the Music Box in L.A. Hosted by Sneaker Pimps, the party features live performances by Travis Barker and The Cool Kids.