Tre Cool Signs On As A Gretsch Endorser

Tre Cool Signs On As A Gretsch Endorser

Tre Cool

Tre Cool has always been a different kind of punk rock drummer. While many of his contemporaries migrated to whatever company was the edgiest custom drum maker du jour, Cool – a bit of a vintage drum collector and historian in his downtime – has shown a keen fondness for classic brands.

So when Gretsch Drums recently announced that the Green Day drummer had agreed to sign on as an endorser, it fit perfectly into the Cool protocol. “My new USA Custom clobbered all my other kits in a shootout,” he said. “They came straight out of the box and onto the new record. They look, sound, and feel great, and are a treat to play.”

A treat? Now why is it surprising to hear him use such delicate language? But wait – he’s also on the record for saying his new kit is “F****** amazing!”

Now, that’s more like it.

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