TRX Cymbals Picked Up By SIR

TRX Cymbals Picked Up By Studio Instrument Rentals

TRX cymbals

Slowly but surely, the determined folks at TRX Cymbal Company continue to boost distribution in the U.S. market of their handcrafted Turkish-made instruments, designed specifically to appeal to young American drummers. The latest puzzle piece – the company has just announced that a selection of its handcrafted cymbals is now available at Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) in Los Angeles. SIR is America’s original backline company and continues to be the industry leader in all phases of the entertainment business – providing innovative solutions for artists and their music since 1967. With locations in more than a dozen major entertainment markets nationwide, Studio Instrument Rentals is the largest, best equipped, and most respected backline, audio, rehearsal, and production support service in the country.

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