Twin Berlin Wins Travis Barker Recording Contest

Twin Berlin Wins Travis Barker Recording Contest

twin berlin

The verdict is in. After carefully scrutinizing the top 100 contenders for Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record” unsigned artist competition, Travis Barker personally chose the Connecticut-based trio Twin Berlin to go into Red Bull studios in Los Angeles to cut three tracks with the renowned Blink-182 drummer.

“This was definitely not an easy decision, a lot of these artists really stepped up,” Barker says. “I can't wait to get into the studio with Twin Berlin. Their mix of gritty guitars and undeniable hooks really drew me in. I think we'll be able to create some incredible music together.”

In addition to the recording session, which is guaranteed to feature Barker on the single, Twin Berlin has won $10,000 in new gear from Guitar Center and worldwide distribution through TuneCore.

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