Tycoon Adds Value To Congas & Djembes

Tycoon Fall Sales Event Adds Value To Congas & Djembes

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 2, 2010

If you’ve been waiting for precisely the right moment to invest in high-quality hand drums, it appears that your gambit worked like a charm, champ. Had you been even slightly hastier, you might have missed Tycoon Percussion’s Fall sales event, which runs from October 5–December 31, and tosses all kinds of sumptuous extras into the goodie bag. Djonesin’ for a djembe? Then pick up Tycoon’s 9" ($371), 11" ($436), or 13" ($561) Dancing Drum Signature Series Siam oak djembes, which now come with a free wooden cross floor stand and padded travel bag. Bonus! In addition, the company is offering its Siam oak shelled Supremo 10" and 11" conga set with free 7" and 8.5" bongos in matching Red, Natural, Black, and Blue Pearl finishes and a heavy-duty height-adjustable stand for a mere $598. Even bigger bonus!

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