Ultimate Control Freak Relents in August DRUM!

The Ultimate Control Freak?

DRUM!’s August 2009 Issue features Mike Portnoy and also includes the Drummie Awards


28 Mike Portnoy A bold new album, a bad new kit, and lots more attitude — there’s no half measures when it comes to the Dream Theater mastermind.

41 The 2009 DRUMMIES! Discover who played the sickest beats, made the coolest gear, and published the best media in the drumming industry. 46 Brian Blade Drummers don’t simply pick up a guitar and make a brilliant folk album. But Blade isn’t just any drummer.

57 Understanding Drumheads You’ll never take these round pieces of film for granted after reading this article.


64 Larry McDonald For the revered reggae sideman, an album with nothing but percussion is no pipe dream — it’s Drumquestra.

72 Play Better In Taku Hirano’s hands, shakers become another thing entirely. The tan tan improves independence and it’s fun, says Richie Garcia.

74 A Cut Above Gary Gardner wrings a multitude of moods and colors from the new LP Prestige Timbales.


79 Manic Compression Sound like a million bucks with properly squashed drums.


21 Getting kicked out The Used was a bummer for Branden Steineckert, so he joined ska-punk icons Rancid. Talk about falling upward.

25 Silversun Pickups might be blowing up but Christopher Guanlao just wants to play his drums.


88 Alesis DM5 Kit Good sound and great price are just the tip of the iceberg for this e-kit.


93 Darrin Pfeiffer hits you with the fundamentals of punk beats.
Wally Schnalle demonstrates the versatility of a six-stroke roll.

94 The clave is an endless source of funk for Billy Martin. Accented triplet illusions and other implied times from Peter Erskine.

Cover Photo: Eddie Malluk

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