Vater Announces New Artists For 2010

Vater Announces A Slew Of New Artists

Vater Percussion has announced more than a dozen new endorsers to their roster for 2010. According to Chad Brandolini, the company's artist relations director, the list shows the depth and breadth of Vater's commitment to new artists and to multiple styles of music. Here's the list:

  • Will Denton (LeAnn Rimes)
  • Tommy Benedetti (John Browns Body)
  • Erick Ballard (Bernard Allison)
  • Demian Arriaga
  • Nick Price (Meg and Dia)
  • Chad LaRoy (Cavo)
  • Steve Padin (Jessie James)
  • Ryan Carman (Rocco Deluca and the Burden)
  • Adam Silverman (33 Miles)
  • Ryan Leger (Every Time I Die)
  • Jeral “Scooter” Gray (Keisha Cole)
  • Jerry Meadows (Papercut Massacre)
  • Mattt McFadden (After Edmund)
  • Jess Bowen (The Summer Set)
  • Derek Davis (Big D and the Kids Table)
  • Andrew Wetzel (Attack Attack)
  • Johnny Stubbelfield (Parachute)
  • Josh Baird (Broadway Calls)
  • Emmett Menke (Polar Bear Club)
  • Danny Taylor (Legally Blonde Tour)
  • Dagan Thogerson (Murder by Death)

Jess Bowen

Ryan Leger

Andrew Wetzel

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