Vater Invades The Drum Lab

Vater Invades The Drum Lab

By Jordan Liffengren Published August 24, 2010

Vater is kinda sorta maybe but not really a legal guardian now that they've "adopted" The Drum Lab as their own.

Vater Percussion recently welcomed the entire staff of The Drum Lab in Sacramento, CA as part of their Education Artist Family. Now using Vater sticks exclusively are Serge Lysak, Chris Brawley, Christian Midthun and Mai-Tsaro "STIXX" Johnson.

Opened in May 2005, The Drum Lab is Sacramento’s first and only school of drumming. Now with over 130 students, The Drum Lab continues to offer a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary drumming techniques and styles.

Each of The Drum Lab’s instructors specializes in a different musical style. They help each incoming student choose the instructor that best fits the style of music they want to learn. The staff also encourages students to move around periodically from teacher to teacher so that they can absorb as many influences as possible.

“After using Vater’s Los Angeles 5A, I quickly made up my mind and noticed a big difference in the quality and consistency that Vater delivered over the others," Serge Lysak, Owner of The Drum Lab explained. "Also to add to this, the company and the people that I work with at Vater are just incredible. I feel very fortunate to now have myself and the other instructors of The Drum Lab become a part of the Vater Family!”

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