Vic Firth Exchange Builds Community

Vic Firth Exchange Builds Community

Vic Firth Inc., the world's largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, has launched a new community on its web site with content provided by high-profile artists and educators, "The Exchange" allows for a healthy, constructive dialog for users.

"I've always enjoyed certain aspects of percussion discussion forums," states Mark Wessels, Vic Firth's Director of Internet Activities. "Unfortunately, the quality of the conversation can range anywhere from highly interesting to a complete waste of time. What we have created is a focused discussion area where viewers can contribute to articles written by respected members of the Vic Firth Education Team. Unlike a simple one-way presentation of an article, The Exchange allows our viewers to add their experiences or ask questions from the authors – creating a broad perspective on a wide range of topics."

Authors to the Vic Firth Exchange frequently use media elements such as video, audio and downloadable PDFs to enhance their articles. "You can demonstrate something in a 30 second video that might take 500 words to explain," says Neil Larrivee, Director of Education for Vic Firth. "Most people would rather see it and hear it rather than read about it. That's the nature of internet culture today."

Topics in The Exchange range from drumset to marching to concert to education. "Some discussions involve performance, some involve history. We even have an ongoing "YouTube Clip of the Day" topic that highlights great videos," states Mark Wessels. "Because our contributors are seasoned veterans, interaction is at a high level – so even funny videos are interesting."

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