Paiste Announces Vinnie Colaiuta New Endorser

Vinnie Colaiuta Will Switch A Couple Key Endorsements

UPDATE: Paiste Cymbals has just made the following announcement:

“Paiste announces the endorsement of its instruments by Vinnie Colaiuta, the highly regarded Los Angeles based drummer whose collaborations with some of the most important contemporary artists and extensive session work manifested a stellar career which is heavily sprinkled with abundant awards, and whose legendary performances and recordings have resulted in deeply awed world-wide peer recognition.”

Check out this video announcement from the drummer:


Some of you may have noticed that we posted a news item a week ago that suddenly disappeared from our website. We wrote that reliable sources had told us the great Vinnie Colaiuta was about to drop a couple key endorsements.

But then we took enough heat from readers – including one fellow whose website was loaded with photos of he and Vinnie palling around – that we began to doubt the veracity of our sources.

But we didn’t stop digging for information, and finally got to the bottom of the story.

So while we’ve sworn not to reveal the exact details of the impending moves until they have been officially announced, we are now able to conclusively state that Colaiuta is about to drop a couple of his longstanding endorsement companies in order to switch allegiance.

Be sure to keep your eyes on this news column as further details emerge.

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