Sneak Peek At Tony Royster Jr. Masterclass

Tony Royster Jr. Masterclass Highlights

With less than one week left to register for the Masterclass with Tony Royster Jr., DRUM! has had a sneak peek at the online lessons and pulled together our favorite video highlights!

Speed & Control
Tony Royster Jr. has some of the fastest hands in the world - and throughout the masterclass he shares his tips and techniques for improving your speed and control in the kit before demonstrating exactly how it works. And yes, as the video shows, it works!

Bass Drum Technique
It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of kicks he’s wearing on his feet, Tony’s a master with a single pedal or double-pedal, and he highlights his expertise along with insights on how you can improve your own foot technique as well.

Improving Your Timing
It isn’t always about counting. Tony explores his inner pulse that he has developed over time, and how you can work with a metronome to push your boundaries and embed better timing within your own playing.

Applying Rudiments
Tony shares the rudiments he relies upon the most in his playing, and how he practices them to develop the consistency and feel that’s required when he plays in front of crowds of all sizes.

The Music Business
As the go-to drummer for superstar Jay-Z as well as performing with Joe Jonas, Joss Stone, and many others, Tony has gained valuable insights on how to make it in the music business: from playing with a band, becoming a seasoned musician, and building key relationships that will help you achieve your drumming goals.

While these are just short video clips to highlight some of the material that’s covered, the full masterclass will include three hours of exclusive video with Tony Royster Jr., exercises and demonstrations, and three play-along songs. People who sign up will also get three masterclass bonuses including a signed 8 x 10 photo, a six-month access pass for online lessons at, and a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks.

Click here to register today:

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