Joe Bergamini Has Joined The SABIAN Team

SABIAN is pleased to announce that drummer/educator/author Joe Bergamini has joined the SABIAN team as an education consultant. Bergamini's main focus will be the design, implementation, and maintenance of a new program aimed at drum teachers called the SABIAN Education Network. This program will provide a community for drum teachers to obtain tools and exchange ideas to build their education and business skills. The community will consist of a special members-only website, as well as other online and physical events and programs.

"We are thrilled to welcome Joe to the SABIAN team,” said SABIAN Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Stacey Montgomery-Clark. “SABIAN has always been a company committed to education, but the new SABIAN Education Network is taking things to an entirely new level

Drum teachers of all ages and levels can sign up for the program at Sabian.