Weezer Drummer's Side Band Dropped By Label


Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson is now on his own, in terms of getting his other band, the Special Goodness backed by a record company. After a year of waiting and wondering when Geffen would officially release and promote the band's self-titled debut, Wilson was informed that the Special Goodness had been taken off the label's roster. "I don't know what [Geffen] is in need of," Wilson said. "They don't feel like the Special Goodness is something that would make them more successful."

Geffen A&R person Tony Berg said he was disappointed that the recording company couldn't help promote the band as it should be promoted. "Pat made a wonderfully melodic and personal record that for reasons outside of his control was put on a shelf for more than a year, and it became clear that his album would not see the attention it deserved. We felt it would be in his best interest to take the album back and find a new home for it," Berg said.

The album, on which Wilson sings and plays almost all the instruments, contains the type of radio-friendly pop songs that have made Weezer a success. And since Geffen is allowing Wilson to walk away with the record with no strings attached, it could be only a matter of time that the Special Goodness will see their album on store shelves.