We’re Number One!

We’re Number One!

numero uno

According to today’s Alexa.com traffic rankings, DRUMmagazine.com is currently the top drumming website in the United States, edging out longtime traffic leader drummerworld.com for the highest number of visitors – at least for the time being.

In fact, DRUMmagazine.com has been neck-in-neck with drummerworld.com throughout most of 2013, with one of the two sites enjoying the top spot on any given day. Still, today’s rankings show a significant gap between the two web properties.

Keep in mind that lower numbers indicate higher rankings, which explains why Google and Facebook typically trade the #1 or #2 spots. With that in mind, DRUMmagazine.com’s current U.S. ranking of #31,887 compares favorably to drummerworld.com’s #42,858 ranking, moderndrummer.com’s #83,303 ranking, and drumheadmag.com’s #184,524 ranking.

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